happy 1st birthday, camden edward!

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And just like that, Camden is ONE! What a year! He has been such a sweet surprise to our little family! His joy is never ceasing and his love is shown so big with every smile & slobbery kiss! The last year seems to have flown by but it has been packed full with adventure. Last March we were still living in NC, in the home we had built, waiting on orders to a new job and location for Jamie. We still weren’t sure if we were selling our home or renting it out. We didn’t know where we were going, or what the next couple of years would look like. There were so many unsure things. But one sure thing we had, was the dreamiest baby that we could have ever been given.

Camden, you are more than just a sweet addition to our family – you are a precious gift that we are so grateful to love. God has entrusted us to love you, to cherish you, to train you up to know Him & one day do the same with those around you. I pray that you always know just how loved you are. You are SO cherished, my sweet boy. Lord, I pray that you continue to give us the wisdom to raise Camden in a home that greatly reflects Your love. I pray that we can show him and guide him to love You. To cherish You. To know You. And because of that, be a great reflection of You.

Grateful to be your mama, Camden. Thank you for being the perfect addition to our little family! We are so excited to watch you as you grow into the man you’ve been called to be! You are so treasured!

We love you THIS big!!

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