four years of benny!



James Bennett Blake – you are FOUR! Four years have gone by in a flash – four marvelous years. We are so incredibly grateful to spend our days loving you! You are smart. You are kind. You are generous. You are loving. You are feisty. You are sensitive. You are brave. You are everything we had hoped you to be, everything we had prayed you to be…and more! Thank you for filling our days with a lot more laughter, a lot more joy, and a lot more love. Keep being you, sweet Benny. We are so proud to be yours!

FOUR of your favorite things at age FOUR!

  1. You started school this year and we were super hopeful that you would enjoy it so much…and you’ve enjoyed it PLUS SOME! You LOVE it. We love hearing all about your days at school, your love for your teachers, and your daily fun with your friends. Your immense love for people comes through perfectly in the school setting, and we are so glad you love it as much as we thought you would!
  2. Trains, books, bubble baths, funny faces, coloring, and collecting rocks/sticks are some of your current favorites.
  3. Your love for your brother just keeps growing and it has been such a joy to witness! You are the best big brother to Camden/Cam/sweet boy/sweet bug/Cammy, and we can’t wait to see the friendship between you two continue!
  4. You love chatting to baby in mama’s belly, feeling baby move, and taking care of mama while daddy is away. You are sweet and tender, and you can’t wait to welcome either a baby brother or sister in this world! Last time we asked, you thought it was a brother and you would name him Sisterella…haha. We love you!!


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