one year!



Wow! One year? One year!!! I officially started this hobby-turned-business one year ago. Can you believe it? I set out on an adventure that I wasn’t sure would turn out well, but I had high hopes and big dreams. And it has been so wonderful!

I sat down about a month ago to track my progress on my “first year of business goals” and YOU GUYS! This is amazing. My goal was 6 newborn sessions, 6 family sessions, and a handful of other sessions. And this was my first year – 13 newborn sessions, 26 family sessions, 4 milestone sessions, 2 anniversary sessions, 2 fresh 48 sessions, 1 birth session and 4 other! I nearly choked up my coffee when I saw those final stats. I remember thinking that 6 newborn sessions might be too many for my first year…what? I am so incredibly proud of myself…and I have a hard time saying that most times. But I worked hard starting this little business of mine and it has been so much fun!

I’ve met some incredible people and I’ve got to bless them with some beautiful images that I hope they cherish forever. And to you all, thank you for supporting me! Thank you for encouraging me, for believing in me and for loving me through this first year! I am so grateful for each and every one of you!




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