the friday five



Coming at you this Friday morning with another round of the Friday Five!! I hope y’all are doing well this week! I’ve got two sessions this weekend and on Sunday, my sweet friends are throwing me a baby sprinkle! I can’t wait to celebrate this third baby at one yummy place here in Old Town!

  1. Christmas cards, y’all. My favorite part about the holiday season! As most of you know, a lot of our Christmas cards that we receive stay up year round. We love being able to see some of our family and friends everyday – pray for them, be reminded of them & all of that. Well! My life is changed. I usually design and purchase our Christmas cards through Minted or TinyPrints but the $200+ price tag was getting to be too much. Someone mentioned Amazon Printing and YOU GUYS! I designed our Christmas cards and bought 100 of them for $45! What?!? And the designs they have are pretty comparable to those you’ll find on Minted and TinyPrints! I’m totally a fan.
  2. We are officially over the 7 month mark of this deployment. Phew. We still have a couple more months but we are getting sooooooo dang close. November is going to fly by in a flash with photo sessions, baby celebrations, family visits & Thanksgiving, and I’m not even mad about it. Bring on Christmas! Bring on baby! Bring on HUSBAND/DADDY!!!! Well I take that back…I’m not quite ready for baby but husband, you are so wanted here at home!
  3. Speaking of Christmas – we started decorating. Yep, we did. I don’t even care that it’s not even halfway through November. But honestly, hauling our tree out and all of our decor at 33+ weeks pregnant, was not fun. And I can’t imagine putting that off for a couple weeks! This big ole belly is getting big. And normal day to day tasks are starting to get just a little bit more difficult. So Christmas is officially here at the Blake residence!
  4. Jamie’s dad was in town late last week and through the weekend and y’all. I could cry just typing this out. He had a conference here in Old Town and let me stay in his hotel room while he stayed here with the boys TWO nights in a row! He watched my children during photo sessions, and even got all three carseats installed into our car. What a blessing!!! I definitely won the lottery when it comes to in-laws, that’s for sure!
  5. And just a little sneak peek into our Christmas photos this year!


Hope y’all have a great weekend! Be sure to thank a Veteran – I know I’m super grateful for ours.

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