I believe in capturing every step of your journey to becoming a mother. From the moment you find out, to those first kicks, then the gender surprise and beyond. The best time to photograph your pregnancy is about 36 weeks. My goal is to make you see just how beautiful you are carrying the most loved baby. I want you to see that you are indeed glowing - even if it's hard to see past swollen ankles and stretch marks. Pregnancy IS beautiful, and you ought to document it!

Why maternity photos?

Celebrating Motherhood

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My favorite sessions to do are newborn sessions. The joy coming from the parents is so exciting! To capture that love, that emotion, is something you'll want treasured forever. Newborn sessions are typically about two hours but can be longer as my stop and go is dependent on baby's feeding schedule. I want this to be a relaxing time with you and your family. The more relaxed you are, the better the images, and the better the memory!

Why hire a newborn photographer?

Celebrating New Life

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I believe updating family photos is so important in terms of creating artifacts for future generations to look back on. Each year looks different and each of those years should be cherished. Allowing me to capture your family doing what you love is so important to me. The memories you make while in front of my camera are the things I want to photograph so that you'll always remember the joy, the love, and the value of family.

Should we have family photos done?

Celebrating Life Together

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One of my favorite things to do is get children comfortable in front of my camera! For some kiddos it takes a lot of effort, but I can promise you, we'll leave BFFs. I love being able to get those genuine smiles and hear their belly laughs come out. It's even better to get it captured on camera for you to have printed and available for generations to come!

Capturing children

Celebrating Each Generation

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